CDC Report Debunks Link Between Covid Vaccine and Heart Risks

CDC Report Debunks Link Between Covid Vaccine and Heart Risks
CDC Report Debunks Link Between Covid Vaccine and Heart Risks. Credit | Getty images

United States: There is no scientific data that indicates that youngsters die due to mRNA vaccines causing cardiac arrest and other heart-related problems. The data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published yesterday proves this too.

It has been since Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were authorized in late 2020 that we found Anti-vaccination groups in the US blaming the shots for some heart conditions that seem to be killing young athletes.

About the spread of vaccine misinformation

The famous incidence of vaccine misinformation is related to Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin, 26, who in 2023 collapsed on “Monday Night Football” as a result of cardiac arrest. Hamlin saw an immediate resuscitation on the field, and his life later returned to normal. He made a comeback to play for the Buffalos nation last season, as NBC News reported.

Dr. Paul Cieslak, the medical director of communicable diseases and immunizations at Oregon Health Authority’s public health division, said, “When Damar Hamlin went down, immediately comments were getting made that it was possibly vaccine-related,” and, “This is kind of what we were trying to address with this analysis.”

What are the report findings?

The analysis of almost 1,300 death certificates of Oregon residents belonging to the age group 16 to 30 who died from heart diseases or other unknown causes between June 1, 2021, and December 31, 2022.

Also, the authors wrote that during that period, almost one million teens and young adults in the state received a Covid vaccine.

The authors had a more nuanced angle of the news; they were interested in those who had received an mRNA Covid vaccine at Pfizer or Moderna and, within 100 days later, died.

The deaths of 40 people who received an mRNA covid vaccine out of the whole population is the only one reported, and amongst them, three were during the mentioned time period of two weeks after the injection.

According to NBC News, among the deaths were also those where chronic underlying health problems were the main reasons.

The third death was held as an “undetermined natural cause,” where toxicology tests, in spite of negative responses, were given for alcohol, cannabis, methamphetamine, or other illicit substances.

The medical examiner failed to either confirm or deny whether the vaccine had led to death; in all the issued certificates, deaths were not connected to the vaccines.

But it can be said that it is still hard to determine whether the vaccine caused that death as Cieslak also said that their test showed 30 Covid deaths at least during that period, most of which did not have any vaccinations.