Warmer winters are pushing Tick season to arrive early – Lyme disease peril rises, too!

Mild winter is causing Tick population
Mild winter is causing Tick population. Credit | Stock Adobe

United States: With this year’s mild winter, people have been getting outside to enjoy the warm weather. However, sadly, a warm winter also means that our tick population did not die off with the freezing temps.

Now, experts are warning that ticks are going to be bad for both people and pets this spring. Therefore, experts are warning that the coming spring is going to be dangerous for both people and pets.

Veterinarian Ryan Buitenwerf from Howard City Veterinary Services said, “These are some of the ticks that we’ve pulled off in the last few months,” Fox17online.com reported. Moreover, as per Ryan, the tick season has already started this year.

Why is the tick population higher this season?

Ryan explained further, “Looks like it’s probably getting ready to go lay eggs, and that’s why it’s so enlarged,” and, “It’s had its blood meal.”

He further added that he had found a bunch of ticks already, and the spring hadn’t even started yet. He notes that ticks are on the move when the temperature goes up to above freezing.

Ryan said, “This year, we’ve had a lot of days that are above freezing. And therefore, I think we’re seeing more ticks,” and, “Plus, we’re having dogs that are out more outside because the weather is better,” as Fox17online.com reported.

Adding further, “Adult ticks can survive over winter; they burrow down in the soil leaf litter and high grasses, and temps don’t get down low enough for an extended period; they can reemerge in the spring.”

Lyme disease danger from Tick

Visual Representation – Lyme Disease. Credit | Shutterstock

Pertaining to this matter, Brendan Earl, a Kent County Health Department employee, has also announced that one should always be vigilant against ticks as a potential source of Lyme disease.

He indicates one can wear light-colored garments, and pants can be tucked into rubber boots.

Earl added, “When you’re out enjoying the outdoors, make sure that when you’re done, you do a quick tip: check on yourself, you know, check your clothes, check your body, and make sure that no little hitchhikers have gotten on you.”

This black-legged tick carries Lyme disease, and it could infect pets as well as humans.

“We don’t want anyone to be scared. Because again, being outside enjoying the outdoors is also beneficial to your health,” Earl added.

Treatment advice from the experts

Dr. Buitenwerf advises you to get rid of fleas and ticks by treating your pets with appropriate medications, and Earl says that people should use insect repellants, which have DEET, Fox17online.com reported.

Experts added that if you reside in the area of greater Kent County, and get bitten by a tick, you may bring the bug over to the Health Department on Fuller Avenue to have it identified there.